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AR Packaging’s fibre-based barrier container Boardio® wins double AmeriStar awards

The leader in sustainable packaging was awarded for two applications of the innovative packaging system in collaboration with Club Coffee and Perfetti Van Melle.

The two AmeriStar award winners are:

Boardio® – The recyclable paper-based can for coffee in collaboration with Club Coffee was awarded in the Beverage, Non-Alcoholic category. 
By replacing quad seal bags for roast and ground coffees, a plastic reduction of 48% is achieved, landfill waste is minimized and consumer preference for paper packaging is met. The Boardio® package contains more than 80% fibre and saves up to 95% in-bound and internal transportation as well as warehousing space. Club Coffe’s Boardio® is verified to be recyclable by Western Michigan University (WMU) and the European Extr:act and French Citeo. It is labeled as Widely Recyclable according to How2Recycle, which means at least 60% of Americans can recycle Boardio® at curbside recycling or drop-off recycling.

Boardio® - The recyclable paper bottle for gum and confectionery in collaboration with Perfetti Van Melle was awarded in the Food, Shelf-stable category. 
The new Boardio® paper bottle for Mentos Pure Fresh is the first product in the gum category from a major global confectioner to be delivered to market in a paperboard bottle. This change clearly meets the intensified preferences for paper packaging among consumers. The Boardio® package contains 90% paperboard which makes the package sturdy. It has been How2Recycle-certified as widely recyclable and an on-pack How2Recycle graphic explains to consumers the recycling instructions and the site URL for more information from How2Recycle. 

The Boardio® package is the new sustainable choice, also for sensitive products requiring gas tight packaging. The packaging system’s versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of products and it can be made in many different shapes and formats. Its full paperboard outer can be fully printed on all sides – hence a 360 branding is available for communication to the consumer.

“I and the team at AR Packaging Systems are excited to see our efforts to develop a sustainable and attractive paper container for the circular society are now paying off and being well recognised”, says Jonny Olsson, Director for the Systems Division at AR Packaging. “We are delighted to collaborate with companies such as Club Coffee and Perfetti Van Melle, who turn their commitments to environmental responsibility into real long-term strategic actions when choosing packaging solutions. Boardio® is a great solution from all aspects and we look forward to help more companies put it on the market.”

The AmeriStar Awards, organised by IoPP (the Institute of Packaging Professionals) in the US, is one of the industry's oldest and most prestigious design competitions. The best packages of 2021 were announced on 3rd of August and all winners can be viewed here.


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Ingrid Lidbäck, Group Marketing & Communication Director at AR Packaging
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