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Unilever Colman’s – meeting consumer preference in paper packaging

An increasing interest in healthy living means consumers look for more natural and ‘free-from’ products. For a newcomer product range on the UK market a unique paper material packaging for new all natural seasoning blend was realized through a three part cooperation.

Shoppers looking for healthy products

The reason Unilever launched its’ Coleman’ range was simple: shoppers are increasingly looking for products that fit into a more natural and healthier lifestyle including gluten-free, reduced salt and reduced sugar products. Naturally, a fitting packaging needed to reflect that concept in order to support the brand image. Through a three part cooperation packaging ideas and mock-ups turned into real prototypes using the material knowledge from AR Packaging Flexibles (former Flextrus), digital production at AR Packaging Digital (former Mediaköket) and pouch making and filling by an external partner. The result was a paper-based stand-up pouch with tailored barrier including window and easy tear opening made with contour laser scoring.

“To reflect the natural credentials of the range, we wanted our packaging to have a ‘brown paper bag’ look and feel, with a window at the front ensuring the blend of herbs and spices are clearly visible.”

Nathalie Monecke

Senior Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever

Helene Brynell, Sales Manager at AR Packaging Flexibles says;

“I think AR Packaging Flexibles is a perfect match when it comes to innovative packaging where its kit of competences works impeccably for both medium sized companies and big global brand owners. In this Unilever project we supported with paper and barrier expertise, printing know-how, laser cutting capabilities as well as technical proficiency in packaging machines. Our leadership in digital printing at AR Packaging Digital, along with the production resources at AR Packaging Flexibles to scale up to larger runs when a digital project works out well, is a perfect set-up to service customers in a fast and efficient way.” 

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Product card Flexible Verpackungspapiere mit Barriere


Flexible Verpackungspapiere mit Barriere

Nachwachsende Rohstoffe für tolle Looks, die sich noch dazu gut anfühlen. Mit papierbasierten Materialien lassen sich zahlreiche Produkte vielseitig, kostengünstig und sicher verpacken.

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Product card Laserperforierung



Kreative Looks, komfortables einfaches Öffnen und kontrollierte Barrierefunktion – die Möglichkeiten sind grenzenlos

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Product card Digitaldruck



Individuell, einzigartig, rückverfolgbar und manchmal schlicht verblüffend

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Product card Flexible Materialien


Flexible Materialien

Innovative Verpackungen mit der Zukunft im Blick

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