From an overall perspective, good packaging must save more than it costs in the total value chain. Well-designed packaging saves resources by minimising waste from the packed product. The use of renewable and recycled materials and optimised processes results in thin, tight and light packaging with minimal waste.

Keeping track of progress - Sustainability reports

AR Packaging was one of the first companies in our industry to publish Sustainability Report in accordance to the International Reporting Standard (GRI) and continues to do so since 2007. Due to organisational changes in 2012 a shorter Sustainability Policy document was published.


In addition to continuous annual reporting, AR Packaging has enhanced its activities over the recent years with more detailed reporting and as a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).


The progress during the last two years clearly shows that employees and management of AR Packaging have an increased focus on sustainability issues and our company is well-prepared to further improve our figures and footprint every year.


Sustainability report 2018

Sustainability report 2017


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