Looking forward since 1929

1929 - Åkerlund & Rausing

Åkerlund & Rausing has a very long and interesting history. The founders fundamental idea was to restructure European retailing the American way; with pre-packed goods, instead of scooping unpacked products from big sacks. Thus inventing a new business and at the same time profoundly changing another. Innovation has always been the leading star in A&R.  This drive has developed many well-known concepts, like Satello, Expresso, Cekacan, and the first Tetra for milk, which later resulted in the company Tetra Pak.

1993 - FCP Group

In May 1993 the FCP Group (Folding Carton Partners) was founded through the merger of the folding carton division of Europa Carton AG, Germany and the French Cajofé Group. FCP had a long experience and expertise in delivering carton packaging solutions for market segments such as Food, Frozen Food, Beverage, Non-food, Tobacco, Detergents and Pet food.

2000 - A&R Carton

A&R Carton was founded in January 2000 as a result of a merger between the carton businesses of Åkerlund & Rausing and FCP. Since the formation of A&R Carton in 2000, the strategy has been to focus on value added profitable niches of the folding carton converting business and to expand operations in Eastern Europe. Simultaneously with restructuring, A&R Carton has expanded its operations in Russia, invested in new machinery in Western Europe to gain efficiency, and continued developing new innovative products.

2008 - Flextrus

Flextrus was founded as a management buyout from Amcor Flexibles in 2008. The company builds on its heritage of packaging competence from Åkerlund & Rausing while having a clear customer focus. Flextrus’ strategy is to focus on selected segments within flexible barrier packaging targeting the West European food and healthcare industry with innovative and differentiating packaging solutions.

2011 - AR Packaging

In 2011 A&R Carton became a member of AR Packaging which is owned by Ahlström Capital(64%) – a private equity investment company founded in 2001 with industrial heritage from 1853, and Accent Equity Partners(34%) – a Swedish private equity company, with the remainder being owned by the management. AR Packaging consists of A&R Carton and Flextrus.

2015 - Acquisition of European operations from MWV

AR Packaging acquired the European tobacco, chocolate confectionery and general packaging operations from MeadWestvaco Corporation. The acquired operations included plants in Austria, Poland and Russia which were incorporated under the A&R Carton brand. The acquisition elevated AR Packaging to a top 3 position in folding cartons in Europe.

2016 - CVC Capital Partners acquires AR Packaging

CVC Capital Partners is one of the world's leading and most respected private equity and investment advisory firms. Founded in 1981, CVC today has a network of 24 offices and over 300 employees throughout Europe, Asia and the US. To date, CVC has secured commitments of over US$79 billion in funds from a diverse and loyal investor base, completing over 300 investments in a wide range of industries and countries across the globe, with an aggregate transaction value of over US$120 billion.