A&R Carton - Protect, promote and assist

A&R Carton is a leading packaging who offer carton based packaging concepts to a wide range of consumer market segments. By looking at the whole value chain and the importance of packaging to both function and communication, we provide solutions that create brand value and make room for business improvement. Our main focus is on maximising the business value of packaging for our customer.

The A&R Carton offer

A&R Carton's systems and concepts offers complete machine systems and packaging concepts that provides a unique packaging solution to match your needs.  Our system and concepts offer includes the Cekacan®, Boardio® and Sealio® packaging solutions.

A wide range of solutions for the consumer goods market, mainly the food segment, offers boxes with different barriers, multipacks and Systems suitable for food. Food packages from A&R carton have high food safety and are environmentally sound with high barriers against moist and grease that keep the food fresh and prevent leakages.

A&R Carton, as the European leader in tobacco packaging, offers the whole range from the basic cigarette package to the premium presentation, with high gloss and an advanced opening. Our extensive experience gives you outstanding service and a versatility of options in design and printing.

For an in-depth look at A&R Carton go to www.ar-carton.com

Quick facts on A&R Carton

  • Turnover of 490 MEUR
  • 2 950 employees
  • 15 production facilites in 11 countries
  • Head Office in Lund, Sweden