Keeping it safer for the pet - no leaks and a lower price

One of our customers wanted to find a new packaging solution for pet food. There was a leaking problem with the one the company was working with and naturally our customer was not satisfied with the situation. Could A&R Carton come up with a solution for the problem?

Safe solution for long shelf life

Instead of the existing barrier, we presented our customer with a standard solution – a board coated with HDPE, High density polyethylene. In addition to this, the flame sealing made the HDPE completely tight. And the well proven technology called skiving and hemming provided a completely safe solution for long shelf life. So yes, we could really come up with a solution that solved the problem.

Secure package at a lower price

The answer was a simple packaging solution which effectively took care of the leaking problem. And the figures really tell the story. Between 2009 and 2011 production increased by 40%. A more secure and safe packaging for the product, with great fat resistant barrier properties. Made out of a standard material, allowing for a lower price. All based on our expertise in packaging for food and our knowledge of customers’ unique needs.