Just listen to that distinct click

The smart pack designed for Semper

When Semper needed a new packaging solution for baby porridge and infant milk formula they turned to A&R Carton. Semper was looking for a more stable and user friendly packaging. It should also support the brand and contribute to more efficient market communication. Could A&R Carton deliver a solution to meet these demands?

Demand for excellent barrier quality

A determining factor in Semper’s choice of supplier was A&R Carton’s extensive experience in developing packaging for children’s food. In this case there was naturally a demand for excellent barrier quality. Based on broad knowledge from different market segments, we therefore came up with a solution based on pre-glued lined carton. And yes, we could meet the demands.

Closes with a distinct click

In fact we presented Semper with a whole new concept solution, the Semper Smartpack. This meant that we had to develop a completely new machine to get the work done. The new package has a user friendly reclose function that closes with a distinct click. It leads to a 44% reduction in carbon footprint. It permits a higher degree of filling, which means less air inside the package. In addition to this it has a fin seal that minimizes the risk of leakage at critical points. This also makes it possible to open the package without using scissors or other tools. And the work to develop new packages and new materials continues. Thanks to the new, smart packaging solution Semper was able to increase their market share by 17%. A more stable and user friendly package, with the capacity to both strengthen the brand and boosting sales.