New Packaging solution - Slider Pack

A&R Carton uses its long experience in the packaging industry to develop new patented packaging solutions from existing techniques. A&R Carton has extensive experience in developing packaging with high convenience and safety, which are very important functions for dry foods. The Slider Pack is an example of a new package that provides the customer with a very high degree of protection while at the same time being very user friendly.

Slider Pack – developed from success

The development of the new Slider Pack has taken place during recent years. It is a further development from the Hermetet Gable Top. The patented Slider Pack is based on the lined carton technology that has been used in the industry for several decades and was upgraded for modified atmosphere packaging by A&R Carton in 2010.

High efficiency – lower cost

The liner itself can be based on paper, PET or OPP with either aluminum as barrier or using an EVOH film, to keep a better environmental profile. Typically, a lined carton has 30% higher filling efficiency vs. a standard bag in box, resulting in less material and lower transport related costs and emissions. A package using a thin layer of aluminum is recommended to also prevent any form of migration of mineral oils from recycled carton, a problem that has received a lot of attention in recent years. The aluminum also keeps the contents fresh for a longer time and increases shelf life, thus reducing consumer waste.

Open easy and close tight

One of the critical elements in a package with a high barrier is the first time opening mechanism and this has been solved by using the board as a cutting guide to tear up the gas tight liner. The new reclosing function uses an integrated plastic slider, enabling the consumers to get an excellent reclosing. Together with the new package, A&R Carton has also developed the new applicator for the attachment of the Slider, supplementing the Hermic machine already manufactured by A&R Carton.

High consumer convenience

The new Slider Pack is user friendly and food safe. The package is suitable for any kind of dry food that requires high consumer convenience for a pouring product. Nestlé Sweden just lauched the packaging solution for their porridge products in Sweden, Norway and Finland.