A&R Carton - winner of Deutsche Verpackungspreis

A&R Carton has been awarded the Deutsche Verpackungspreis in the designing and processing category for a new, innovative folding box developed for Triumph International’s Sloggi brand creating the best product experience!

Sloggi’s Men “Match” adds to the consumer convenience by providing an easy opening and reclosing of the packaging. This way the consumers can view and examine the packed product in store, but not remove it, and then close the packaging again without damaging it. The problem of having damaged, destructed and partially empty packs in the shop has been eliminated through the new innovative design.

The creative multipack solution has been developed by the innovation team and is manufactured at the A&R Carton plant in Graz, Austria, using the company’s excellent technical skills and understanding of customer needs. The Sloggi Men “Match” packaging provides great added value to consumers and retailers and is now a positive brand ambassador for its target group.