Confectionery – sweet solutions

Selling confectionery is about selling luxury and treats, almost as much by the package as by the content. The package shall attract, seduce and send a message of sophistication and luxury. It should also have high food safety and keep the content fresh, while being easy to open and safe during transport.

Our confectionery packages have high food safety and are environmental friendly with high barriers against moist and grease. With metallic or UV colors, supreme varnish options and mirror gloss, we create outstanding effects. We are experts in complicated gluing, hot foil blocking and window patching – even with creased corners.

Extraordinarily sweet

To meet the creativity demands of the confectionery industry we have created Sweet Pack Solutions. Here we offer tailor-made, single or two-piece box constructions in all different shapes and sizes, like our Variobox-Lite that can be shaped in numerous of ways. And when you want something extraordinary, we provide state of the art design and innovation.

Please contact Andreas Morciano for more information.