AR Packaging and Maju Jaya Sarana Grafika (Indonesia) have signed partnership agreement

ÅR Packaging Group AB, Lund, Sweden, and PT Maju Jaya Sarana Grafika, Jakarta Indonesia, have signed a strategic partnership agreement. The objective of this agreement is to establish a cooperation in the manufacture, procurement, sale and marketing in Indonesia of packages made out of cardboard or other materials in combination with cardboard.

Peter Aichhorn, COO Branded Products of AR Packaging says: ”We are pleased with this agreement and look forward to a successful collaboration with Maju Jaya Sarana Grafika. After consolidating our footprint in Europe, this is an important step into a global development to serve our multi-national customers in the best way

Adrian Koesnendar, CEO of Maju Jaya Sarana Grafika: “This partnership is in line with our company’s vision and mission which enhance our manufacturing capabilities and increase our market share. We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership.”

For further information please contact:
Peter Aichhorn, COO Branded Products, ÅR Packaging Group AB
Phone +49 8231 999 244

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