Futeco Galaxy– "Looks like foil"

Futeco Galaxy is a unique technology used to reproduce the metallic effects of cold foil, hot foil or metallised PET in an eco-friendly printing process. In contrast to conventional applications in which foil applications like hot or cold foils are applied to packaging cartons, leaving large quantities of residual foil waste, this process only prints what is actually needed. The eco-friendly benefits require no use for foil, laminates or plastics, and has no foil waste. In addition to this, the technology complies to the concept of sustainability as it is fully recyclable and repulpable. Futeco Galaxy is efficient and enables sophisticated design possibilities with fine structures. It has an inline print and converting process with high material flexibility and reverse side printing in one run.


Moreover, Futeco Galaxy's mirrored surface is a true eye-catcher and a distinguishing feature. The silver foundation can be superimposed with translucent colours, making it possible to reproduce unusual colour tones in a quick and flexible way. This new process also holds an array of design possibilities allowing detailed elements and font sizes to be used. The metallic glossy effect is particularly outstanding and also considered far better than using cold foil.



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