Futeco Security

Unique solution to prevent counterfeit

Protect your brand and allow your customers to purchase your products in full confidence knowing that the product is 100% genuine! FUTECO Security offers a unique solutions to counterfeiting detection. When the packaging is filled, the print texture is scanned and registered. The individual print is unique and impossible to reproduce, just like a fingerprint. At the point-of-sale a dedicated smart phone app reads the print and checks if the product is registered as valid or not, all in less than 3 seconds. AR Packaging has developed a process to print copy resistant and random security markers combined with inline variable QR codes directly onto the packaging.

Through our partnership with Cypheme, we can offer our customers an artificial intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products by analyzing the printed product’s packaging marker with a neutral network, using only a cell phone camera. This technology allows anyone, anywhere, to verify the authenticity of the product. Our FUTECO concept allows for possibilities in variable printing or QR coding, which is required in order to create this innovative security function. Through the use of high security cloud platforms combined with the app you can guarantee product security, track- and traceability as well as protect your customers against dangerous, defective or fake products.


Security printing embedded in the actual print design

Based on the draft of the Tobacco Directive (TPD) issued by the European Commission in 2017, AR Packaging is fully prepared to apply six security elements on the tobacco pack in one step printing.

The draft directive specified technical standards for security features applied to tobacco products. Five security elements from three different categories (overt, semi-covert and covert) had to be applied on tobacco packaging.

After thorough internal analysis, collaboration with suppliers and some preliminary tests an extensive internal test printing was performed at the A&R Carton plant in Augsburg. The following six different security elements were fitted on a 10*10 mm square:  

  • guilloche (overt)
  • colour-changing ink (overt)
  • microtext (semi-covert)
  • UV dull paper (semi-covert)
  • molecular taggants (covert)
  • micro taggants (covert)