Food & Healthcare Packaging - high access to a wide range of innovative solutions

With a strong geographic presence in Europe and a broad range of products and solutions, AR Packaging focuses on moving forward through leading competence, innovation and working closely with our customers.  

High demands - and rightfully so

The Food Packaging division sets far-reaching demands on food safety and the ability to keep food fresh. Add to this, ease of use, such as opening and reclosing, safety during transports and storage and the ability to stand changes in temperature, humidity and other conditions. All in all, it's a challenge that drives us and we aim to excel at delivering on it.

Product offering

Food & Healthcare Packaging consists of three business segments: Food Service, Food & consumer goods and Healthcare. Food Service offers product such as clamshells, trays, cups and take-away boxes for burgers, Asian food and ice cream, to name a few.

The Food & consumer goods segment offers folding cartons for a wide range of products such as cereals, convenience food, dairy products, frozen food, pet food and ice cream.

In Healthcare we offer innovative packaging for pharmaceuticals, medical, devices, personal care and beauty care products.