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Ingerois, Finland

• Number of employees: 35

• Production/technical capabilities: Offset printing, die cutting, braille embossing, complex gluing, cold glue and hot melt gluing, labelling.

Specialised in pharma health care, short runs and fast lead times, complex products such as child proof solutions and source tag labelling.

• Typical products: Folding cartons for healthcare customers

Located in Southeastern Finland, the AR Packaging Ingerois plant specialises in the production of cartonboard packaging for a variety of consumer goods.

Our long record of experience, good know-how and range of machinery allows us to support customers with extensive technical capabilities. We offer offset printing and reliable die cutting, and can support printing of high-quality packages with a wide range of different ink and varnish solutions, including both conventional and UV inks. Our expert folding and gluing capabilities enable the possibility to meet customer needs with many types of constructions: from high-demanding child proof solutions to big volume side glued boxes.

Thanks to our efficient and well-planned organisation, we can make sure that even very small orders can be produced in a cost efficient way. Our plant is built around a culture of continuous improvement and we strive to find new ways to optimise our processes. This is how we guarantee high quality for our customers. Our methods are implemented according to ISO9001 (quality system) and ISO15378 (GMP for pharmaceutical packages) standards.

What we offer:

We are a small and tightly-knit team that works together to succeed. Our employees are encouraged to continue developing skillsets in their chosen specialty and have room to grow in their careers in the way that makes sense for them. 

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