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Tibro, Sweden

• Number of employees: 50

• Production/technical capabilities: Pressed tray forming, Flexo printing, Die cutting.

• Typical products: Pressed board trays, aluminum trays, glued trays (clamshells) for FMCG and food service customers

AR Packaging’s Tibro plant manufactures the CC Board series of pressformed cartonboard trays, mainly for frozen- and food service applications. We tailor the trays to the product and market needs. The trays are mainly made of renewable material that can be handled well in most European recycling systems.

Today’s importance on healthy, active lifestyles has created increasing consumer demand for frozen food products, ready-to-use directly out of the pack. Our production meets the highest food industry hygiene standards, and the standard of the production equipment is high as well. We have the largest capacity in Europe for pressed board trays.

"As an employee at AR Packaging Tibro I have become a part of the community where all employees have a specific role and together contributes evolving the company. I have got the possibility to develop, both as a person and in my position as accountant. We are working hard to reach our targets but we also have really fun on the way there!"


Clara Svensson


What we offer:

Stimulation and having fun is important for our workplace. We put a lot of emphasis on teamwork, and we work in an environment that is open and sincere with a lot of room for individual responsibility.

The constant change in our main markets, food and foodservice, provides a stimulating environment if you are skilled and quality-conscious. With low staff turnover, good team spirit and our focus on training and flexibility, we offer a place to grow and develop.

"At AR Packaging in Tibro you rotate and work with different machines. It is fun working together with people in different ages and experiences. Collaboration is very important! I have a work that is developing and I get new experiences every day!"


Ludwig Alvarsson

Pack operator

"I have been working at AR Packaging Tibro for almost 10 years and I like my place of work. There is a good bunch of people and I get lots of laughs every day!”


Christina “Kikki” Mäkinen


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