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Amanda Persson - Sustainability Manager

Please tell us about your career journey with AR Packaging  

My journey with AR Packaging started as a student. I was collaborating with AR Packaging Flexibles, then called Flextrus, in a course in packaging development during my master studies. It all went really well and when it was time to do my master’s thesis, I reached out to AR Packaging again. I ended up doing a thesis collaboration between the University and AR Packaging Flexibles on the utilization of renewable PE and PET and how the grades compared in material and production properties. After that I was offered a position with the innovation team focusing on both the healthcare segment and the implementation of renewable and sustainable materials.

The sustainability side grew and the focus of my role shifted more towards general customer support when it comes to analyzing and improving environmental performance of the packaging materials we supply.

Today I’m appointed to Sustainability Manager of our plant in Lund. I still have high focus on our products and on supporting our customers, but I’m also engaged in projects to improve recyclability and sustainability of flexible packaging in collaboration with all parts of the value chain.

One important part of my role is to channel all requests and initiatives on the different markets we operate on, and to communicate internally so that we can make reliable prioritizations in our development and processes.

What does a typical day at work look like?

No day is ever the same in sustainability work! There is always something new ongoing, e.g. a new recycling rule or initiative. To work close to our customers and their varying product portfolio is fun, creative and pushes you to always challenge what you see as a solid truth - to think outside the box. That is what makes me happy to work in this field!

To feel that I support our daily business and steer our direction towards a more sustainable future, and to help our customers do the same, is something I find intriguing.


Amanda Persson

Sustainability Manager

What do you like most about your job?

The feeling that what I do is important! To feel that I support our daily business and steer our direction towards a more sustainable future, and to help our customers do the same, is something I find intriguing. 

How would you describe AR Packaging as an employer?

Working with AR Packaging gives you the possibility to grow professionally, but also on a personal level. If you come with suggestions everyone will listen and take in what you have to say. You are trusted to take initiatives and you will get support from others whenever you ask for it. It is a stimulating and encouraging working climate!

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