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Digital print - Individual, unique, traceable and sometimes simply astonishing 

AR Packaging provides different digital print technologies. From full reel to reel digital print on our HP 20.000, to late-stage coding or serialisation on sheets or even directly on the carton blanks. 

Functionality ranging from packaging to tooling to transporting 

Our HP Indigo 20000 & 6800 digital presses combined with a finishing line including lamination and EB curing of varnish makes us unique in Europe. Finishing with EB curing is the sustainable way without the use of solvents, indicators etc. and enables pack ready products directly after production.

The benefits of using digital printing are many, it is less time-consuming when producing short runs and doing smaller print-on-demand jobs. It also eliminates the expense of plate-making which enables easier and less expensive last minute changes to a print job and the possibility to print multiple variations.

Our digital printing capabilities cover production of both a wide range of  flexible packaging as well as labels as well as late stage coding of cartonboard packaging.  

On pharmaceutical  packaging we ensure conformity with all country-specific markings:  EU Code according to regulation 2016/161, China Code, and Russia Code. 

High speed to market – from real mock-ups to swift test launches and efficient upscaling

Digital printing provides great benefits when it comes to test launches and an efficient upscaling to larger volumes with production using traditional converting technologies. Digital artwork is instantly turned into real printed prototypes which speeds up the packaging development process. The printing technology is ideal for market tests and product launches where volumes are difficult to predict. And when it is time for full upscaling to large volumes, the digital print has been made to ensure same print look when transferred to large-scale conventional printing technologies.  

Read more about how we have used our digital printing possibilities to increase flexibility, enable swift product development and optimise the total cost. 
Product card Personalised packaging


Personalised packaging

And late stage customisation on any packaging format

Product card Flexible materials for packaging


Flexible materials

Flexible packaging solutions made of flexible barrier materials provide resource and cost efficient ways to preserve, protect and distribute sensitive products

Product card Folding cartons


Folding cartons

Folding carton packaging to support brands & products in food, confectionery, tobacco, beauty and healthcare.