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Holographic effects – beautiful, eye catching and at the same time sustainable 

Attractive packaging is decisive for successful sales. Make your packaging stand out on the shelf, give it a true flair of premium or reduce the risk for counterfeit by using holographic effects as part of the packaging design.

Holographic effects create reflective accents on different areas of the packaging in order to enhance the overall visual impact – a flat surface becomes 3-dimensional. The remarkably vibrant finish supports the impulse to buy at point-of-sale.  

AR Packaging offers many different tools to get a holographic effect on your packaging. 

Customers can choose from partial, full-surface or specific applications for flexible design options that meet their individual needs. Lasergloss effect is produced using cost-efficient and environmentally sound inline printing processes. 

Holographic effects are often used in the following segments: 
Product card Mezym 3D lens



Award-winning solution for eye-catching pharmaceutical products

Product card Lensvision



Surprising 3D effects customised to the packaging design

Product card Lasergloss



Visually striking, sustainably produced