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Security and anti-counterfeit – protect the patient and your brand 

Counterfeit and tampering with high value products accounts for enormous safety risks and damaged brand value.  Security features applied to packaging protect both the brand and the patient or consumer and can thereby save both lives and economical damage. State-of-the-art technologies prevent imitation and confirms safety of the packed goods when it arrives to the end user.  

AR Packaging provides various security features tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical or other high value product and its supply chain. 

Create a holistic anti-counterfeit strategy with AR Packaging

Next to regulatory serialisation of pharmaceutical packaging, our services provide security across all stages of distribution while collecting valuable statistical data if requested.  

Security features and anti-counterfeit packaging are typically used for high value products such as pharmaceuticals, beauty & cosmetics, infant milk formula, coffee, medical devices and tobacco. 
Product card Pharmaceutical serialisation


Pharma serialisation

Compliant serialisation service for pharmaceutical and medical applications

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Increase consumer safety and combat counterfeiters, using artificial intelligence (AI) makes it easy to check that the product is authentic

Product card Grey market control


Grey market control

Brand protection through serialisation