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FUTECO - our dedicated innovation lab 

FUTECO: Future, Technology and Ecology. This platform is the lodestar that guides our research and development. Under a centralised and efficient leadership team, our innovation lab takes full advantage of the combined skills of the entire Group. Based on project demands, we can bring in experts in everything from digitalisation, supply chain and process optimisation issues to barrier and material sciences, print finishing and much more. 

The work of our innovation lab is divided into six sub-groups, which we use to analyse market trends and validate new concepts in collaboration with customers: 

Ensuring relevant development for our customers 

Our customers and the demands of consumers form the core of our research and development efforts. We carefully track and study major drivers in the market to understand what our customers need, which allows us to have a good outlook of future trends. All of our new concepts are tested according to four mega-trends in order to assure market relevance for our customers: 

Personalised products, services and packaging

We consider the increasing shift to e-commerce and customised solutions as well as digitalisation and connectivity in the internet of things.

Sustainable packaging

We have an ongoing focus on reducing negative environmental impact across the supply chain, with, among other things, new solutions that offer increased recyclability, renewability and biodegradability.

High efficiency & supply chain optimisation 

Quality is key in everything we make, and we are committed to developing high-performance solutions that can be produced using existing equipment to offer scalability and fast speed to market.

Legislations & regulations

We ensure compliance with current and forthcoming major regulation, such as the European Single-Use Plastics Directive and Green Deal, as well as legislation set on a national level, and rules from third-party certifying bodies and major industry players.