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News | 2019.02.09

AR Packaging wins four prizes at The German Design Awards!

We are proud to announce that A&R Carton has been awarded with four prizes at The German Design Award 2019 in the category Excellent Communications Design Packaging. The winners are Domino's Chicken Box, Schnitzel Joker Curry Wurst Pommes Kombibox, Tenz – PEEKBOX and Nalle Oat Flakes.

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Domino's Chicken Box 

Domino’s Chicken Box is one of a kind. No more hassle with dividers, this package can be folded easily to form the inner compartments which hold three different products. Closing the top with a tuck-in flap interlocks it with the side flaps, creating a simple but effective tamper-evident system. A perfect match for food service logistics and increased handling speed in restaurants. The package is made from 100 % cardboard and is fully recyclable. 

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Schnitzel Joker Curry Wurst Pommes Kombibox 

A one-piece, pre-erected dual compartment box in which the content is separated into two compartments to prevent the chips being soaked with sauce from the curry sausage. To keep the sauce inside, the first compartment has no holes, whereas the other has several to keep the chips crunchy and allow water vapour to escape. The packaging can be produced on a standard high-speed erecting line with few modifications and is claimed to have not been seen in this segment before.  

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As the packaging is used as give-away and presentation tool, it should arouse interest, help promote the new innovative high-performance screw, and be easy to use and to transport. The box offers haptic, playful elements and demonstrates the benefits of the product by making its functionality visible and tangible. The construction is refined yet stable, allowing the screw to be rotated without destroying the box or getting loose. Additionally, the screw itself also serves as opening knob.  

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Nalle Oat Flakes 

Nalle Oat Flakes are amazingly versatile, even down to the packaging! With a quick-pour opening on the right and a small opening on the left for pouring precise quantities, Nalle Oat Flakes are perfect for the whole family – from children to grandparents. The ingenious design allows for two different resealable pouring options, without the need for any additional materials. The package is compatible with standard filling plant systems, and is made from 100 % virgin fibre cardboard.