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Beauty in a box – ampoule packaging with a gift character 

The limited edition ampoule treatment by the brand bellessence promises to give a youthful glow and serves as a present. We developed a differentiative ampoule packaging that shows maximum product visibility while guaranteeing sufficient protection. 

Differentiating solution

With their highly concentrated active ingredients, ampoule treatments are regarded as turbo boosters for the skin. The 5-day intensive treatment from bellessence attracts attention at the POS because the window in the packaging allows the ten sensitive glass ampoules – five for each day and night – with their pink coloured beauty shots to be clearly seen. The trick: the ampoules are gently embedded in the lid and base and fix each other in place - optimum protection against breakage or early removal even without PET window film or a plastic inlay. A soft-touch varnish on the entire packaging underlines the message and the value of the cosmetic product. It supports the promise of soft, smooth and fresh skin. 

"Beautiful, simple and secure. This attractive box does everything needed to hold, protect and display the precious glass ampoules."

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