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DMK relaunches baby nutrition in Sealio packaging from A&R Packaging

The DMK Group is Germany’s largest dairy company and targets the growing infant milk formula (IMF) with its Humana brand. When investing in the conversion of its Strückhausen plant into a dedicated infant milk formula site, DMK chose to go for the Sealio packaging and a long-term partnership with AR Packaging Systems (former A&R Carton). The composite can’s superior product safety and ease of use for consumers are the key decisive factors for this strategic move.

This innovative packaging allows the preparation of baby formula more safely, more hygienically and easier than ever before.

Iris Behrens

Head of Global Marketing at Humana

As part of the several million EUR investment project, DMK reviewed alternative packaging solutions for its rebranding of the Humana infant milk products. A completely new packaging line was at stake and in the end the gas tight composite can Sealio from AR Packaging Systems came out as the winner. It goes without saying that when packing infant milk formula, product safety and pack integrity are crucial. In addition, DMK put the parents’ needs first by considering a truly convenient packaging. Sealio outperformed competition when consumers tests were made. The pack is easy to hold, open and dose from with one hand while keeping the baby on the other arm. A tailored scoop holder ensures easy dosing and minimises contamination while the tight reclosable lid prevents insects and moisture to enter.

Sealio is a patented carton-based packaging system invented by AR Packaging Systems, including both material and machinery, presenting strong benefits also when it comes to the environment and logistics. It is considerably lighter and has less carbon footprint than comparable gas tight packaging alternatives such as tin cans and full plastic containers. The can is formed directly in the packaging line with all components delivered flat to the food producer. External and internal transports as well as the warehousing space is thereby reduced substantially.

Lars Willner, former Director for the Systems division at AR Packaging says:

“We have invested more than three years to develop the new Sealio system where we considered the stringent and increasing requirements of highly sensitive products. Using our long experience in composite cans for barrier applications, we have now created a fantastic packaging solution which will meet the product and consumer needs of today and in the future. Sealio is ideal for food and nutritional powders where high barrier protection and food safety are vital.”

The Sealio project at DMK was not only about introducing a new packaging, but being a packaging system supplier AR Packaging was responsible for the installation of the complete packaging line including fillers, conveyers, case packing equipment etc. Project management has been crucial to meet the tight timeframes needed by DMK since the project was part of the conversion of the whole factory in Strückhausen.

The Humana brand has been famous for high-quality baby foods for more than 65 years now. In 2017, the company started to convert the traditional dairy site of Strückhausen, Germany, into a new factory for baby food. Production in the new facilities has now started and powdered infant formula has been launched in its new packaging in several countries such as Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Iris Behrens, Head of Global Marketing at Humana, says:

“Our myHumana Pack is a completely new type of packaging. This innovative packaging allows the preparation of baby formula more safely, more hygienically and easier than ever before.”

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