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PaperLite® - A unique thermoformable paper material with strong consumer appeal

AR Packaging Flexibles PaperLite® is a paper-based packaging material that puts a pack with the attractive look and feel of paper in the hands of consumers. Its real natural paper look and feel gives you the opportunity to replace plastic packaging and differentiate your product to  attract consumers who prefer fibre-based packaging.  

Customised to cover your needs   
AR Packaging Flexibles PaperLite® runs well on standard packaging lines. Match it with our comprehensive range of lidding films for perfect pack integrity and process efficiency. We can help you customise the packaging to your exact specifications for functional properties and convenience features. And you are backed by our local team to ensure responsive service.  
Product card Barrier papers


Barrier papers

Renewable materials with attractive look & feel. Paper-based packaging is a versatile and cost-efficient method to protect a wide array of products

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