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SILEO® - childproof packaging using only one material

The ECMA Pro Carton 2016 winner in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals category, is an innovative packaging for gel to alleviate noise anxiety for dogs. Sileo® is a one-piece packaging made from monomaterial with a high functionality and usability being resealable yet childproof. 

Sileo® was created to ensure a safe and recloseable packaging for a sensitive medical application for dogs. The box itself provides security as it cannot be opened by children but is resealable. The construction is made from one piece with one machine run and can also be packed with one machine run on the packaging line. The closure mechanism can be opened and closed at least ten times without needing any extra additives like stickers. The smart internal engineering of the pack allows it only to be opened by depressing the highlighted (in yellow) areas, keeping the product safe without containing any plastic parts. 

“The judges were amazed at the internal engineering of the pack, which allowed it only to be opened by depressing the highlighted (in yellow) areas and where the contents were also safely secured.”


ProCarton ECMA Awards 2016

As functionality, usability and sustainability are state-of-the-art, the concept of Sileo® is also suitable for packaging in industries like:

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