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Sloggi men match – solving the damage issue

Sloggi’s men ‘match’ packaging adds to the consumer experience by providing an easy opening and reclosable pack design. Consumers can view and examine the packed product in store, but not remove it, and then close the packaging again without damaging it. 

You get what you see

In the underwear sector, consumers want to touch and feel the product before committing to buy. When items are packed in boxes, this can sometimes prove difficult as consumers often tear or damage the carton or cannot put the item back after they have looked at it. The sloggi men match box solves those problems easily and effectively. The neat construction has simple to open sections on both sides that pull open so the items can be felt or taken out and then be simply returned and the carton closed with no damage. These flaps also provide the option for incorporating attractive graphic design, supporting the product message on both the graphic and structural level. For the sloggi brand this concept provides a clear differentiation from other sales promotional multipacks and was even reused later - in slightly adapted way, for a women’s limited edition.

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