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AR Packaging management team

Picture of Harald Schulz

Harald Schulz


Picture of Niclas Nyström

Niclas Nyström


Picture of Jonny Olsson

Jonny Olsson

Director Systems Division

Picture of Tomas Forsgård

Tomas Forsgård

Director Flexibles Division

Picture of Lars Willner

Lars Willner

Director Food Division

Picture of Gary Harwood

Gary Harwood

VP Sales Carton

Picture of Stephan Bestehorn

Stephan Bestehorn

VP Sales Healthcare & Beauty

Picture of Konstantin Skvortsov

Konstantin Skvortsov

Business Area Director Russia

Other group functions 

Picture of Matej Baran

Matej Baran

Group HR Director

Picture of Ralf Mack

Ralf Mack

Group Innovation Director

Picture of Ingrid Lidbäck

Ingrid Lidbäck

Group Marketing & Communication Director

Picture of Lennart Aveling

Lennart Aveling

Group Supply Chain & Procurement Director

Picture of Robert Mayr

Robert Mayr

Product Safety Manager

Picture of Yvonne Melchers

Yvonne Melchers

Group M&A Director

Picture of Sinan Songuler

Sinan Songuler

Group Operational Excellence Director

Picture of Magnus Warberg

Magnus Warberg

Director Strategy and Business Control

Picture of Anne Wagener

Anne Wagener

Head of Legal & Compliance

Picture of Jonas Kretz

Jonas Kretz

Group IT Director