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Maschienenfuehrer Druck Graz


Ausbildung Maschinenfuehrer Frankfurt

Anlagen- und Maschinenführer-/in sind für die gesamte Abwicklung der Aufträge an einer Maschine oder Anlage verantwortlich. Das heißt, Sie übernehmen die Einrichtung, Umrüstung, Bedienung, Wartung und Pflege sowie auch die Reparatur der Druck- und Weiterverarbeitungsmaschinen.

Ausbildung Industriekaufleute Frankfurt


Ausbildung Medientechnologe Druck Frankfurt

MedientechnologInnen stellen Printmedien in unterschiedlichen Verfahren her. Sie richten Druckmaschinen nicht nur ein, sondern überwachen auch den gesamten Druckprozess und arbeiten direkt an den Maschinen.

Ausbildung Packmitteltechnologe Frankfurt

PackmitteltechnologInnen gestalten und stellen Verpackungsmaterialien aller Art her. Zusätzlich sind sie auch für die Pflege und Wartung der Produktionsmaschinen sowie für die Fehlerbehebung verantwortlich.

Ausbildung Lagerlogistik Frankfurt


Complex gluing



We at AR Packaging always comply with established industry procedures and regulations in the regions where we operate, and all of our plants are certified with relevant safety, hygiene and environmental standards

Traceability and anticounterfeit


Dry molded fibre


Lehrling Drucktechniker Graz

Wir suchen Lehrlinge für die Drucktechnik mit Schwerpunkt Offsetdruck für den Standort Graz!

Lehrstelle Verpackungstechnik Graz



Tobacco packaging conveys quality, free spirit and innovation despite the increasing restrictions on packaging. We understand the increasingly important role packaging for tobacco products plays in helping brands connect with consumers.

Dried foods - drinks - coffee and tea






Personal care




JS Holding


Fresh and chilled food


Medical devices


Frozen food




Fibre trays for herbs






Terms and conditions


Our story






Boardio Sustainability


Green place






Glued trays







Smart reclose features of a packaging solution allows the consumer or user to reseal or reclose the packaging. Often packaging needs to be resealed in order to maintain product freshness or prevent spillage. Reusable packaging also enables multiple uses which can help reduce waste.


Sampling. Create desire for premium products. What to do if the customer does not come to the product? Then the product makes the first step and is introduced to the customer through a product sampling.


For giftset packaging to win all the attention at the point of sale and make the donee happy, we develop creative and sustainable solutions.

Smart applications

Smart Packaging links the physical world with the digital world. It creates opportunities for digital communication between the producer, retailer and consumer. The total product offering can be made personalised and thereby strengthen the brand perception.

Other consumer goods

In times of rising product launches and updates, consumer packaging has become increasingly important as it adds value to a product. Apart from its essential functions – product protection and promotion, packaging also has to achieve environmental objectives. Naturally, the range of packaging...

Print form

The production of rotogravure cylinders is a complex business requiring very specific technical equipment and knowledge. Experts are needed, since demanding processes from pre-press to cylinder production need to be accurately mastered.

Pouch and sachet materials

AR Packaging offers a comprehensive range of optimised materials for sachets, pouches and flow wrapping using combinations of plastic films and paper-based materials. These high-performance films provide excellent barrier protection so product quality and shelf life can be optimised for a wide...

Tactile effects

As packaging expresses the brand values and product promises it aims to deliver a sensual experience even before the actual product is unpacked and in use.

Fibre cutlery

With the increasing need for replacement of plastic-free cutlery we have teamed up with the food service distributor Bionatic to launch a fibre-based cutlery range that offer a series of spoons, knives and forks.

Child resistant packaging

Our intuitive child-resistant packaging solutions are designed to enable opening in a sophisticated way , while making it safe from access by children.

AR Packaging acquires pharma specialist Kroha


White Now


Advent calendar wins Promotional Gift Award 2017


PaperLite Bio


Albina Snacks


Sloggi Men Match - winner of Deutsche Verpackungspreis


AR Packaging to launch fibre-based cutlery in cooperation with Bionatic


Familjen Dafgard


Acquisition of rlc packaging group and Nampak Cartons Nigeria is completed


Sustainability report 2019


AR Packaging and Cypheme have signed partnership agreement


AR Packagings packaging reduces food waste for Axfood


Fleury Michon


AR Packaging strengthens its operational footprint in Switzerland


AR Packaging strengthens the board of directors


AR Packaging wins four prizes at The German Design Awards


Bars production


AR Packaging launches first pressed board tray concept for MAP


We consolidate the European healthcare and beauty packaging market through acquisitions


Two Pro Carton ECMA gold awards for AR Packaging


AR Packaging introduces small size high fibre content composite cans


My Von Erl wins ProCarton ECMA Award


Home delivery solutions meet boosting market demands


Diplom Is


My Von Erl




Strategic acquisition expands AR Packagings footprint


Sileo wins ProCarton ECMA award


ECMA Winner Sustainability Award - Fazer Alku


Brewskis weekday beer with playful labels




Retro-looking FlipTop 2 pack box for Lantmannen


News and cases


Polish BSC Drukarnia Opakowan fully integrated after successful tender offer


AR Packaging at virtual compamed


AR Packaging minimises plastics with a wide range of fibre based tray solutions for fresh food


Press release_AR Packaging - new unified brand




AR Packaging and PulPac expand partnership


AR Packaging launches Ecoflex






Pomocnik drukarza


AR Packaging solves home delivery challenges with optimised fibre solutions


Integrated patient alert card


Maschinenfuehrer WV Quereinsteiger Fra

Maschinenführer Weiterverarbeitung / Quereinsteiger (Packmitteltechnologe) (m/w/d) Standort Frankfurt (Kriftel)

Mediengestalter FRA

AR Packaging sucht für den Standort in Kriftel bei Frankfurt Unterstützung im Bereich Mediengestalter Print (m/w/d) .













GPI achieves quintet of Worldstar awards


Pressed board trays


Buchbinder Maschinenfuehrer WV Magdeburg




Folding Carton

Folding carton packaging to support brands & products in food, confectionery, tobacco, beauty and healthcare. Sustainable carton packaging ensures product safety and creates awareness.


The need to keep certain standard sizes and the urge to still be different, was the driving force behind the Mawu packaging. The outcome was a folding carton box enriched with extra functionality to be provided after opening.

Augmented reality

Brand loyalty and product engagement is a crucial part of marketing success. Augmented reality presents products and packaging in a thrilling and informative way, thus helping building trust and engagement.

Metal effects

Metal effects on packaging provides a sense of luxury and supports your product image by setting it apart from competition. AR Packaging provides a multitude of metal transfer technologies


Precise brilliant finishing with hot foil. Metallic design elements on the packaging give products a real premium look and attract attention on the shelf. Guaranteed high quality and luxe.

Galaxy - printed metal

Graphic Packaging provides various metal effect technologies to create stunning visual effects. Our offering span from inline applied coldfoil, sheet to sheet or reel to reel hotfoil with register for lenses, over transfer metalisation to our unique Galaxy printed metal solution.

Cold foil

Finely detailed metallic effects and excellent image quality perfectly match the need for stunning finishing effects for premium packaging. As it is also a fast and cost-effective inline process, it guarantees efficiency for luxurious looking packaging.

Smart and connectivity

Smart Packaging links the physical world with the digital world. It creates opportunities for digital communication between the producer, retailer and consumer. The total product offering can be made personalised and thereby strengthen the brand perception.


Confectionery packaging promotes luxury and treats. Visual differentiation in the market, product safety and sustainable manufacturing is vital.


NFC (near-field communication) technology in packaging enables brands and retailers to offer an interactive customer experience.


Pharma in 3D – holographic design to lead the competition. Even pharmaceutical products – especiallly in the OTC sector – seek all the attention of the customer in the drugstore. In our development for Berlin-Chemie, MENARINI an eye-catching desing change has become a real competitive advantage.

Sloggi weekend

How to turn a standard box into something special when luxurious finishing effects or fancy shapes do not fit the brand identity? Differentiation is a must, but so is keeping certain standards for packing and logistics. Balancing standardisation and customisation led to a combination of...

Digital print

Graphic Packaging provides different digital print technologies. From full reel to reel digital print on our HP 20.000, to late-stage coding or serialisation on sheets or even directly on the carton blanks.

Personalised packaging


Flexible materials

Flexible packaging solutions made of flexible barrier materials provide resource and cost efficient ways to preserve, protect and distribute sensitive products.

Graphic Packaging Holding Company Announces


GPI acquisition of ARP delivers ongoing customer benefits


AR Packagings sustainability report for 2018


Cofibox Light - a Cekacan solution


AR Packaging expands its cold foil capabilities for premium packaging

Finely detailed metallic effects and excellent image quality has never been easier at A&R Carton Frankfurt, a member of AR Packaging.


Sustainable fibre-based can for infant milk formula, coffee, and other powders with eminent product protection combined with high renewable material.

DMK Humana in Sealio


Findus chooses AR Packaging Flexibles HD flexo


AR Packaging expands its footprint through acquisition in Nigeria


AR Packaging wins four European Carton Excellence Awards


Picard reduces plastic consumption


About Boardio

Sustainable fibre-based can designed for recyclability with high content of renewable cartonboard with tailored low to high barrier protection. Read for more information

AR Packaging launches fully recyclable fibre tray for high barrier applications to reduce plastics


Graphic Packaging to acquire AR Packaging


AR Packaging reveals RD consortium with PulPac and RISE


AR Packaging sustainability report 2020

Our sustainability report for 2020 is now published and describes different focus topics, giving good insights and examples of our activities both on group and local level.

ARP completes its acquisition of the pharma packaging specialist Kroha


AR Packaging strengthens its position in the UK by acquiring Firstan Holdings Ltd

AR Packaging broadens its offering to the UK food and healthcare customers by adding local folding carton production through the acquisition of Firstan Holdings Ltd

AR Packaging fibre-based barrier tray

AR Packaging introduce a fibre-based barrier tray for fresh vegetables and fruit that minimises use of plastics with its 95% fibre content and tailored barrier

Boardio launch in North America


ARP Boardio wins double AmeriStar 2021 awards


Graphic Packaging International wins three PAC Global Awards


Mentos Pure Fresh Gum is out on the market in Walmart stores in the US



AR Packaging provides different digital print technologies. From full reel to reel digital print on our HP 20.000, to late-stage coding or serialisation on sheets or even directly on the carton blanks.

Late Stage Customisation

Individualisation and personalisation of packaging as part of an efficient production process.

Grey Market control

To protect brands from image losses, we realise anti-counterfeit packaging and introduce a coding technology for both visible and-non visible applications.

Pharmaceutical Serialisation

Compliant serialisation service for pharmaceutical and medical applications to enable traceability. Advanced coding expertise to meet the legal requirements of worldwide target markets.


Serialisation involves legal patient protection across the pharmaceutical industry and can be used for vouchers or on pack lotteries for consumer packaging.

Tamper evidence


Security and anti-counterfeit






Sloggi men match



The integration of lenses in the packaging design – to create a realistic 3D effect – lead to a strong differentiation in the shelf situation.

Window packaging


AR Packaging - Crucial need for safe and hygienic packaging during the pandemic




Printed windows

Window boxes generally spark attention giving consumers a first actual look at the product. While folding cartons are often highly finished or come in fancy shapes, windows are reduce to their sole peeking function. But why?

Window boxes

If the product or the primary packaging are an impressive eye-catcher – why seal it in a closed folding box? Some products need to be reviewed in detail by the customers before making the decision to buy – for this reason, integrating a window into the folding box may be the right approach.



Fiber Cutlery

AR Packaging aims to meet the increasing need for replacement of plastic-based cutlery and has teamed up with the food service distributor Bionatic to launch a fibre-based cutlery range.


Visually striking, sustainably produced. High-impact finishes are a great approach to achieve product differentiation and an increased visual impact.

Santa Maria Tortilla


AR Packaging drives sustainable innovation


Cold foil

Finely detailed metallic effects and excellent image quality perfectly match the need for stunning finishing effects for premium packaging. As it is also a fast and cost-effective inline process, it guarantees efficiency for luxurious looking packaging.


The ECMA Pro Carton 2016 winner in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals category, is an innovative packaging for gel to alleviate noise anxiety for dogs. Sileo® is a one-piece packaging made from monomaterial with a high functionality and usability being resealable yet childproof



Pressed MAP trays

Graphic Packaging is first on the market to present a gas tight pressed board tray packaging for chilled foods as a replacement of plastic trays

Pandora Box



AR Packaging is proud to lead the market with innovative solutions that continually redefine the possibilities of cartonboard and flexible packaging. But we don’t believe in innovation for innovation’s sake. Our customers are always at the centre of our efforts.




AR Packaging has an ever-expanding offering of innovative cartonboard and flexibles packaging solutions. Our product range is supported by a wide array of advanced manufacturing capabilities, as well as technical know-how that is based on decades of experience and the diverse specialities of our...


Make your packaging stand out on the shelf, give it a true flair of premium or reduce the risk for counterfeit by using holographic effects as part of the packaging design.



Food Service



Beauty in a box – ampoule packaging with a gift character The limited edition ampoule treatment by the brand bellessence promises to give a youthful glow and serves as a present. We developed a differentiative ampoule packaging that shows maximum product visibility while guaranteeing sufficient...


The world of packaging is dynamic and ever changing: new ideas, technological advancements and, above all, shifting customer needs. It guarantees that a career in packaging will never be dull. So, what are you waiting for? Try out for our winning team!

Job Search

Current open positions in the AR Packaging group


Vi på AR Packaging ser till att våra kunder får det allra bästa när det gäller kvalitet, säkerhet och uppmärksamhet när de väljer våra förpackningslösningar och tjänster.

Child-resistant packaging



We offer a comprehensive range of tray solutions; glued trays, glued and erected trays, lined trays to meet specific barrier needs, Alu trays, fibre trays for herbs and pressed board trays.

New barrier solution from AR Packaging helps Bel

New barrier solution from AR Packaging helps Bel Group to eliminate plastics

Renewable plastics films


Mono plastic films

Flexible plastic packaging materials are built up by many layers ensuring minimal use of raw material, saving resources and increasing efficiency in packaging lines.

Thermoformable base webs

AR Packaging offers a full range of thermoformable base webs based on APET, polyamide or paper. They provide excellent product protection with tailored barrier properties as well as consumer convenience and shelf appeal making them ideal for a wide range of food, healthcare as well as home and...


PaperLite® is a paper-based packaging material that puts a pack with the attractive look and feel of paper in the hands of consumers.

Barrier papers

Barrier papers – protect your product with more sustainable packaging with renewable material and attractive look & feel.



Alu trays

We have a wide range of alu trays and containers which is particularly suitable for food to be cooked in conventional oven or in some conditions small portions to be heated in a microwave.

AR Packaging wins German Packaging Award 2020 in the sustainability category






Tactile effects


Sweet pack solutions


KitKat Senses

An attractive sharing platter opens up when the lid is removed and the chocolates are presented in a tempting way

Seasonal calendars

We create individual seasonal calendar packaging that optimally support your product and fit your marketing concept and make it stand out at the point of sale.

Our business



High barrier packaging. Within our flexible packaging division, we offer films with tailored barrier properties that preserves freshness while safely protecting products over a prolonged shelf-life. Barriers to oxygen, moisture, aroma, light and more are contributing to highest product quality and.....

Pandora Box

The Pandora box is a one-piece, childproof packaging for nicotine chewing gums with barrier function. Carton board was the preferred material as it met the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and supported the customer’s wish for more appeal and sustainability

Corporate governance


Mono plastic films

The move towards a circular economy

Bla Band Expedition meal


Skanemejerier first on the market with AR Packaging Flexibles reclosable concept


Laser perforation


Unilever Colman

An increasing interest in healthy living means consumers look for more natural and ‘free-from’ products. For a newcomer product range on the UK market a unique paper material packaging for new all natural seasoning blend was realized through a three part cooperation.



Metal effects

Metallic packaging designs spark a sense of luxury and highlight the individual brand image.


Our collection of metallic packaging designs that are produced with sustainability in mind


Pharmaceutical packaging boxes are relevant for pharma products and are tailormade to ensure safety and quality.

Holographic effects

Holographic packaging design captures the products unique character and wins all the attention at the point of sale while being printed with respect to nature and efficiency.



Medical papers


Tamper evidence




Lidding films

Lidding films for thermoforming and tray machines. Excellent sealing properties, easy-opening and reclosure features, printing options and mono plastic alternatives ready for recycling.




AR Packaging’s plant in Hannover, Germany

Code of conduct




Cookie and Privacy policy



AR Packaging’s plant in Aachen, Germany


AR Packaging's locations


AR Packaging's plant in Bawen, Indonesia


AR Packaging's plant in Lund, Sweden


AR Packaging’s plant in Augsburg, Germany


AR Packaging's plant in Bekasi, Indonesia

Board of directors









AR Packaging's plant in Tibro, Sweden


AR Packaging’s plant in Magdeburg, Germany


AR Packaging’s plant in Cholet, France


AR Packaging’s plant in Munich, Germany


Contacts to global packaging experts at AR Packaging


AR Packaging's sustainability work through the company - Annual sustainability reports, the environment, people and society and memberships




We at AR Packaging considers the entire supply chain in our environmental work, as we develop more sustainable packaging solutions while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.


AR Packaging's plant in Highbridge, UK






AR Packaging's plant in Poznan, Poland


AR Packaging’s plant in Magdeburg, Germany


AR Packaging's plant in Rotherham, UK


The production and converting plant in St. Gallen, Switzerland, meets highest quality standards for pharmaceutical packaging solutions - from folding boxes, to leaflets. All processes align with lean principles.






AR Packaging’s plant in Halmstad, Sweden


AR Packaging's plant in Highbridge, UK


AR Packaging's plant in Krakow, Poland


AR Packaging's plant in Ibedan, Nigeria


AR Packaging's plant in Lund, Sweden


AR Packaging's plant in Ingerois, Finland


AR Packaging’s plant in Berlin, Germany


AR Packaging’s plant in Berlin, Germany


AR Packaging’s plant in Frankfurt, Germany



Testimonial - Anette Arvidsson

I started my career with AR Packaging 25 years ago, working under different company names and in different types of roles during these years.

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