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Boardio®  - The game changer of sustainable packaging

Boardio® mainly consists of renewable virgin fibers from sustainably managed forests – for the US market the fibers are also bleached. It also includes a PE layer and a razor thin aluminum barrier, which is necessary in order to ensure excellent gas tightness, product protection and product shelf-life. This reduces food waste, and therefore also reduces the overall CO2/GHG impact. A longer shelf-life also improves food security, ensuring that the consumer can have access to quality food products also if/when logistical food supply chains are slowed down or compromised for some reason.


The Boardio® logistics have been optimized, with all components delivered flat to the customer, as opposed to transporting massive amounts of air in already finished packaging. This leads to up to 85% less transports, which drives down costs and improves the CO2/GHG emissions profile even further.


The overall CO2/GHG emissions relating to Boardio® are very low compared to competing packaging solutions.


Boardio® is highly recyclable in the commonly available paper waste recycling stream. Around 80% of all paper and paperboard packaging is recycled in the US, while the figure is slightly lower in Canada and Europe.


Boardio® has a unique shape, look and feel which immediately signal sustainability, aesthetics, convenience and food safety values to the consumer.


AR Packaging Boardio® - The sustainable choice

Listen to Georg Gezelius, head of sustainability at AR Packaging, explain more in the video below.

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About Boardio

Learn more about Boardio® - what Boardio® is made of, it's repulpability and recyclability and much more. 

Boardio Q&A
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Boardio® - Protection for green brands

Boardio® is our latest system innovation with high environmental benefits. It is a carton-based, cost-effective packaging solution with tailored low to high barrier protection.

There are several benefits to choosing the Boardio system for your products. 

About Boardio

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Boardio® and sustainability

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