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Selling confectionary is about selling luxury and treats, almost as much by the package as by the content. A fitting packaging sweetens the whole experience! Distinguishing the product in the market is vital, as is the protection of such delicate items likes confections and sweets

The package shall attract, seduce and send a message of sophistication and luxury. It should also have high food safety and keep the content fresh, while being easy to open and safe during transport. To cater for these needs, folding cartons, flexible packaging and the combination of the two offer a broad variety of packaging solutions.

Examples of advanced carton packaging for confectionary are tailor made, single or two-piece box constructions in various shapes and sizes featuring state-of-the-art design and innovation. But also flexible packaging like flow-wraps hold the potential for eye-catching designs. Especially in combination with digital print, various kinds of varnishes, holographic effects and the method to add variable data can be explored to create outstanding packaging.

Our confectionary packages have high food safety and are environmental friendly, including plastic-free options, with high barriers against moist and grease. With metallic or UV colors, supreme varnish options and mirror gloss, we create striking effects. We are experts in complicated gluing, hot foil blocking and window patching – even with creased corners. New technologies like augmented reality create a digital experience strengthening your brand’s image.

Confectionary packaging features and options include:

From folding cartons and window boxes to flexibles – the choice for confectionary packaging is sweet. For more information, use our Solution Finder guiding you through our full portfolio. 

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