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Cypheme – anti-counterfeit full service solution 

To increase consumer safety and combat counterfeiters, the technology using artificial intelligence (AI) makes it easy to check that the product is authentic.

Graphic Packaging has developed a unique noise print certificate which interacts with the Cypheme AI solution via a smartphone and directly authenticates the product. 

The Cypheme technical teams, true experts in deep learning, develop algorithms that combine several layers of neural networks to offer our customers applications with high added value in security and authentication – the ideal partner to Graphic Packaging and our printing expertise.

The Cypheme anti-counterfeit solution works efficiently for many different products such as beauty & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, confectionery, dried foods, drinks, coffee & tea, tobacco and other non-food consumer goods.

Product card Security and anti-counterfeit


Security and anti-counterfeit

Protect the patient and your brand

Product card Traceability



Graphic Packaging provides secure and compliant process serialisation and track & trace coding.

Product card Augmented reality


Augmented reality

Shifting your packaging to the next level. Brand loyalty and product engagement is a crucial part of marketing success