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Dry molded fibre – the most sustainable innovation for molded fibre packaging 

Dry molded fibre (DMF), invented by PulPac, is a technology which dry-molds pulp into solid packaging and single-use products. It is unique and differs from the traditional methods of molding cellulose as an efficient technology when it comes to time and cost.  The dry molded fibre technology enables a sustainable transition from single-use plastic and plastic trays to fibre-based alternatives. 

DMF present a truly innovative solution to replace traditional plastic trays and single-use products. The process can be easily customised to match various product requirements. Combing the PulPac technology PulPac with the extensive packaging expertise of Graphic Packaging ensures a successful market introduction.   

Dry molded fibre product can be relevant to many different segments. Food service would definitely benefit from this sustainable innovation and so would many others such as beauty & Cosmetics, chilled food, dried foods & coffee, frozen food, personal care, medical devices, tobacco and other non-food consumer goods.