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Folding cartons – sustainable packaging for multiple industries

Folding cartons offer an almost limitless range of packaging solutions across multiple industries. They combine strength and rigidity with an abundance of print and finishing techniques and represent one of the most sustainable packaging types. 

The sustainable moment-of-truth

With about 70% of purchasing decisions being made at the point of sale, packaging needs to positively impact the consumer’s first moment-of-truth. A broad range of shapes, elaborate printing techniques and captivating finishing effects, create packaging that strengthens brand positioning. Today’s capabilities even include smart applications enriching the consumers’ experience. However, consumer demands are shifting towards more sustainability and the desire for eco-friendly products, services and production is growing. Following this shift, regulations reducing or avoiding waste and pushing for more recyclability are set in motion. Based on renewable material, less resource intensive production processes and a high degree of recyclability, folding cartons are living up to the high demands of a more sustainable (packaging) world. 

Product security is crucial

Despite the increasing concerns for sustainability, the need for product protection and hygienic packaging is unbroken. Whether this refers to food safety and barrier systems, anti- counterfeit measurements, tracking and tagging options or special industry requirements such as Braille embossing and child-safety features, folding cartons do more than just protect from damage or contamination. As they cater to many specific needs, they can incorporate a wide range of security systems, based on both covert and overt technologies. Designs can include tamper-evidence, child-resistance or other security benefits through tagging mechanisms, creative constructional design as well as print and ink system technologies.

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