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Fresh & chilled food

When looking for fresh and chilled foods, the eyes of the consumer judge freshness, quality and convenience.

Fresh and processed meat products are very sensitive, so it is critical for the custom food packaging to incorporate the right combination of multi-layer barrier protection to oxygen, moisture and light. Meanwhile, different varieties of hard cheese products place a unique set of barrier requirements dependant on their curing process. Various types of fruit and vegetables exhibit individual rotting processes. Some fruit and vegetables benefit from barriers that limit the development of the mould while others, utilize barriers that ensure the product can breathe. The right barriers effectively preserves the desired look, taste and aromas over a longer shelf life and thereby minimises the risk for food waste.

Over a long time, we have seen, that consumers spend less time cooking at home. This has resulted in an increasing demand for more prepared foods such as ready meals, sliced processed meat, grated cheese and ready-to-eat salad mixes. Consumer convenience is also about convenient food packaging design such as easy opening and reclosability.

At the same time, offering products in biodegradable food packaging which provides an image of high freshness, healthy content and superior quality means gaining the possibility to tap the premium end of the market. Attractive print, tactile varnishes and paper-based materials to attract consumers to purchase that specific brand again and again.

AR Packaging works closely with our customers to deliver custom food packaging with the right level of barrier protection, convenience features, pack looks and optimised environmental performance. Packaging solutions designed for recycling with increased renewable or recycled content are a natural part of our extensive product offering for fresh and chilled food products.  

From flexible material and pressed trays to folding cartons are all tailored for your specific needs. For more information about the numerous possibilities, use our Solution Finder guiding you through our full portfolio. 

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