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Frozen food

Frozen food packaging has to withstand extreme conditions while still living up to many expectations. Weather it is the freezing temperature, the need for convenient opening and sustaining sealing or a delicious visual appeal of the frozen meals standing out through a layer of glass, the challenges are manifold.

Convenience is king

Selecting the right packaging for frozen food is the key to the effectiveness of your product. While freezing, most frozen food products expand depending on their moisture content. Therefore, frozen food packaging needs to be strong and flexible to accommodate these changes. And since they have direct food contact, packaging is governed by strict regulations making strong barrier functions protecting the food, an indispensable precondition.

Nevertheless frozen food products strongly appeal to the consumer’s convenience and wish for a fast and uncomplicated cooking experience. Thus, making a frustration-free packaging is vital for us. Easy opening as well as effortless closing and sealing mechanism - often allowing to portion the food, are crucial parts of the packaging.

Frozen food packaging features and options include:

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