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Galaxy – looks like foil  

AR Packaging provides various metal effect technologies to create stunning visual effects. Our offering span from inline applied coldfoil, sheet to sheet or reel to reel hotfoil with register for lenses, over transfer metalisation to our unique Galaxy printed metal solution. 

Unique and sustainable 

Galaxy is a unique technology used to reproduce the metallic effects of cold foil, hot foil or metallised PET in an environmentally optimised printing process. The environmental benefits are numerous: no use of foil, laminates or plastic is required and there is no foil waste. In addition to this, the technology complies to the concept of sustainability as it is fully recyclable and repulpable.

Galaxy is efficient and enables sophisticated design possibilities with fine structures as part of the printing process. The metallic effect created with Galaxy is well suited for packaging for beauty & cosmetics, confectionery, dried foods, drinks, coffee & tea but also tobacco, pharmaceuticals and other non-food consumer goods.

Product card Metal effects


Metal effects

Create attraction with metal look

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Cold foil

Finely detailed metallic effects and excellent image quality perfectly match

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Precise brilliance for premiumization