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Giftsets - Creative unboxing experiences 

Promoting a selection of complementary products as one genuine unit is the main asset of giftsets. Especially in times, when we face seasonal events - christmas, easter or valentines day - this is a good occasion to present products in an authentic gift character. To win all the attention at the point of sale and also surprise with an impressive unboxing experience, we focus on creative solutions individually fitted to requirements of each product.

Naturally surprising 

Everybody loves an amazing experience when unboxing a giftset - it adds even more worth to the act of giving itself. But being more and more aware of sustainability, consumers appreciate an eco-friendly gift box and prefer to reuse it again for other purpose. Concepts for second usages become increasingly relevant. With the environmental impact in mind, we develope customised 100% fibre-based inlays, that perfectly keep the products in their dedicated place – ready for a true unpacking surprise.
Product card Personalised packaging


Personalised packaging

And late stage customisation on any packaging format

Product card Tactile effects


Tactile effects

As packaging expresses the brand values and product promises it aims to deliver a sensual experience even before the actual product is unpacked and in use.

Product card Folding cartons


Folding cartons

Folding carton packaging to support brands & products in food, confectionery, tobacco, beauty and healthcare.