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Grey market Control

You will find grey markets in various businesses, especially for beauty and prestige products because counterfeiters generate big profits with such products - greymarket products are always close to be fakes. With the intention to protect brands from image losses, we serialize premium packaging and introduce a 4in1 coding technology for both visible and-non visible applications.

These different coding technologies for grey market control are applied in a highend sheetfed process. Our dedicated software enables the individual matching of print-data and single product and the unique coding system prevents the reproduction of codes. Also, the inline high-res camera system for inline-inspection secures zero-defect production. All these features contribute to an efficient and 100% safe packaging production for premium categories. 
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Increase consumer safety and combat counterfeiters, using artificial intelligence (AI) makes it easy to check that the product is authentic.

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From pharmaceutical to consumer packaging

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Digital print

Individual, unique, traceable and sometimes simply astonishing.