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Holographic effects

Attractive packaging is proof to support successful sales. Holographic packaging design captures the unique message of a product and gives a true flair of premium. Holographic effects create reflective accents on selected areas of the packaging in order to enhance the overall visual impact – a flat surface becomes 3-dimensional. This radiating finishing design is individually tailored to your packaging and leaves the customer stunned to the core.

Graphic Packaging offers many different technologies to cover your packaging with a luminous holographic finishing.

The magic of light

Customers can choose from partial, full-surface or specific applications for flexible design options that meet their individual needs. Apart from simple good looks, the light refracting finishing effect helps to reduce the risk of counterfeits. Small holographic patterns are hard to fake and thus add a higher level of security to the products. With our specific lasergloss technology, we offer one approved solution to add anti-counterfeit features that are produced using cost-efficient and environmentally sound inline printing processes.
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Luminous finishing design

Packaging has the power to radiate the individual product character. Let's explore the best way to make your brand shine bright together! 

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Surprising 3D effects customised to the packaging design

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Visually striking, sustainably produced