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Lasergloss – visually striking, sustainably produced 

High-impact finishes are a great approach to achieve product differentiation and an increased visual impact. To create those effects in a sustainable manner, we apply lasergloss – a technology that shapes different nano patterns from a film into a special varnish to create light refracting or holographic effects. The film is delaminated from the surface and rewound for multiple reuse.
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Natural laser effect

This finishing does not affect the cardboard‘s ability to be recycled, because there is no film left on the surface. With this advantage in mind, it is an authentic solution for brands to communicate their pursuit of environmental responsibility and still attract all the attention through a unique finishing.

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Application on 
labels, flexibels and board

Lasergloss is the most cost effective method of reproducing a holographic effect. Fitted to the design, the holo effect can either be placed all over the facing or only on dedicated spots and thus provides unique possibilities for branding and product differentiation. What does allow even more freedom in design is the broad range of different holographic patterns to choose from.

Product card Metal effects


Metal effects

Create attraction with metal look

Product card Lensvision



Surprising 3D effects customised to the packaging design