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Late stage customisation

The strong movement towards a society that celebrates diversity and individuality is a great opportunity for brands to respond to individual needs with innovative products. By individualising or even personalising packaging in the last stage of production, brands can adapt flexibly. 

Individual coding 

Customer benefit programs have become a relevant marketing tool on the way to achieve customer loyalty. Individual codes on the packaging may conceal benefits or discounts that encourage repeat purchases. Integrated QR codes can also be used to link to personalised websites, product explanation videos or related new product launches. The promo codes are popular and spark the curiosity of customers. We apply individual code versions efficiently in an highend sheetfed coding process to primarily printed and finished premium packaging.


What could lead to a stronger brand identification than a product with your own name? Packaging that addresses the individual consumer by name or by a personal message has a strong impact. AR Packaging personalizes packaging in the latest step with any text or number based information depending on the entire marketing concept: to boost limited editions with unique numbers, seasonal greetings and more.
Product card Grey market control


Grey market control

Brand protection through serialisation

Product card Folding cartons


Folding cartons

Folding carton packaging to support brands & products in food, confectionery, tobacco, beauty and healthcare.

Product card Digital print


Digital print

Individual, unique, traceable and sometimes simply astonishing