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Leaflets - Compliant patient information

To ensure the correct intake or application of a pharmaceutical product and to inform about side effects, every medicine is delivered with mandatory patient information. Also in the broad market of personal care, products often need to come along with additional information for the customer. Therefore, we take great care of leaflet solutions, that comply with latest regulatory requirements and guarantee high line efficiency. 

One stop solution

As individual as the folding boxes are the leaflets - and both components need to match seamlessly together. In providing both from one single source, we develop a well fitted solution in an efficient way and offer maximum flexibility. Through permanent print inspection and code verification we ensure security during all stages of printing and converting. The downstream packaging process can be supported by our co-packaging service.

Choose from a variety of individual formats and folding types:
Product card Tamper evidence


Tamper evidence

Visible evidence for product security

Product card Security and anti-counterfeit


Security and anti-counterfeit

Protect the patient and your brand

Product card Folding cartons


Folding cartons

Sustainable variety for multiple industries