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Lidding films – a complete range of high performance materials with sustainability at top-of-mind 

AR Packaging offers a full range of optimised lidding films for thermoforming and tray machines. The barrier is tailor dependant on application so product quality and shelf life can be optimised for a wide range of food, healthcare as well as home and industrial products.

The films are developed to do their job with minimised use of resources. Tailored barrier properties and mechanical strength reduce the risk for food waste, while smartly designed convenience features and attractive looks help promote your product to the consumer. 

Our comprehensive range of lidding films cover a multitude of applications such as high barrier MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) materials where excellent oxygen barrier is essential, paper-based films ideal to support the branding of ecologic products,  materials with outstanding puncture resistance to products with sharp edges and films with exact easy peel-performance for safe use in the healthcare sector.  

Some examples of our lidding films range are:

Ecobar® is ideal for demanding MAP applications

Based on oriented polyester it provides a wider operating window on packaging lines to boost efficiency and productivity.

Ecotop® -  give your MAP packs a high quality appearance

Based on oriented polypropylene it produces packs with a particularly attractive, exceptionally flat surface finish.

Ecoseal – high stability laminate with excellent heat resistance

Versatile range of sealing layers makes it ideal for demanding high-temperature sealing jaws.

EcoLite® - superior clarity for APET sealing base webs and trays

A PET-sealing lidding material which delivers superior product presentation. Option with of food grade recycled plastic APET.

Fibrecote® - paper look & feel combined with exacting barrier protection

Available in a wide range of paper options close to 60% paper-based materials sourced from sustainably managed forests.

ONP and NP – tough laminates for demanding applications

Polyamide-based films with very high puncture resistance for products with sharp edges. 

Customised to cover your needs 

All top web lidding films from AR Packaging are of course approved for food contact and can be combined with convenience features and high quality flexo printing to give your product a visual advantage.


Our lidding films match our range of thermoformable base webs for perfect pack integrity and process efficiency. We can customise flexible packs that are adapted to cover your exact specifications and our skilled technical service team support you throughout the process.


A range of pre-made lidding films enables shortened turnaround times and cover your needs also when production volumes fluctuate. 



Product card Barrier papers


Barrier papers

Renewable materials with attractive look & feel. Paper-based packaging is a versatile and cost-efficient method to protect a wide array of products

Product card Renewable plastic films


Renewable plastic films

Every single step to minimise the environmental impact of packaging is one step towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Product card Mono plastic films


Mono plastic films

Flexible plastic packaging materials are built up by many layers ensuring minimal use of raw material, saving resources and increasing efficiency in packaging lines

Product card Flexible materials for packaging


Flexible materials

Flexible packaging solutions made of flexible barrier materials provide resource and cost efficient ways to preserve, protect and distribute sensitive products

Product card Laser perforation


Laser perforation

Creative looks, convenient easy opening and controlled barrier – the possibilities are endless

Product card Atria Lönneberga

Case | 2018.06.07

Atria Lönneberga

A climate and environmentally friendly packaging

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In the northern parts of Sweden we find Norrmejerier which provides a range of dairy products...

Product card Skånemejerier first on the market with AR Packaging Flexibles reclosable concept

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Skånemejerier first on the market with AR Packaging Flexibles reclosable concept