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Medical devices

Medical devices play a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as improving the quality of life for people suffering from disabilities. The devices range from disposables typically used at healthcare centres with a lower risk to the patient to high-risk products used in surgical care. The safety and well-being of the patient cannot be compromised! Therefore the packaging needs to be well thought-through and implemented with extensive and documented evaluations.  

Multiple roles of packaging 

A medical device packaging not only ensures that the device is sterile when delivered to the hospital or healthcare centre, but it must also be easy to open without any particles coming loose. It also has to withstand long storage, often for years, without changed performance.

Flexible primary packaging is used both as a protective covering to prevent the ingress of microorganisms as well as a sterile barrier system (SBS). Our range of sophisticated SBS materials allow single-use medical devices to be sterilised during manufacture with the sterilisation method required by the product.

Folding cartons provide excellent secondary protection for individually packed medical devices but also for multi-packs. The secondary packaging is an important tool to provide end users with accurate on-pack information.

Since healthcare can be a matter of life, the tailored packaging solutions we provide can contribute to a safer and more manageable care by maintaining stringent hygienic environments, ensuring high security and pack integrity.

Comprehensive range of materials for medical devices 

AR Packaging offers a complete range of flexible materials including paper-based materials, and plastic films with and without release properties as well as thermoformable materials and aluminium laminates. Our carton-based solutions provide safe protection, accurate printing and features such as serialisation, traceability, braille, inserts & labels, child-proof and much more. We always aim for the most sustainable packaging solution without compromising the safety of the consumer.

Medical device packaging features and options from AR Packaging include: 

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