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NFC (near-field communication) – intelligence in circuits 

NFC technology in packaging enables brands and retailers to offer an interactive customer experience. It can be used to deliver product information, promotional offers and more and easily used with smart phones. The technology can also be used for authentication of a product. 

AR Packaging applies NFC tags on various packaging types as passive data stores which can be read and written to suitable reader/writers. 

Usually applied during the gluing process, NFC labels can provide extra functionality to various packaging types and the brand owners can benefit from consumer engagement and build customer loyalty. 
Product card Smart and connectivity


Smart and connectivity

Packaging that combines active and intelligent solutions

Product card Augmented reality


Augmented reality

Shifting your packaging to the next level. Brand loyalty and product engagement is a crucial part of marketing success

Product card Digital print


Digital print

Individual, unique, traceable and sometimes simply astonishing