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Personal Care

Personal care packaging is all about consumer focus. These products have become a piece of peoples daily lives, and are not simply nice-to-have. Consumer brands aim for a strong connection to the customer in order to achieve their loyalty – that can even last through many phases in one’s life if consumers and products change and adapt in mutual rythms.

Vital part of individual routines and habits

In this highly competitive market – packaging has the power to draw the customers attention to a product. At first sight, he should experience all its qualities and benefits. With this in mind, we adapt materials, graphic design, structural design and finishes of folding boxes to the character of each product. Our unique variety of printing and finishing technologies, supports you with an endless combination of colors, holographic, metallic or tactile effects – that give that differentiating glow and enhance the first moment of truth.

Pushing innovative solutions is one great opportunity for brands to evolve along with the customers‘ needs and requirements and to build a long lasting connection. Wether you focus on sustainability, consumer engagement or personalisation, with our multi supplier expertise, we offer an incomparable range of innovative solutions and technologies. Also, rethinking finishing effects to create an authentic look & feel in an efficient inline process is one more benefit you can count on.

Operating in a high volume, dynamic and international market requires strong capabilities that are incorporated into a maximally efficient production process. Just in time production is part of our everyday routine, maximum synchronization of our production and your needs our goal. We continuously streamline our processes and explore untapped potential. This helps you avoid waste, save time and money and continually improve our enviroment performance.

Personal Care packaging features and options include:

Personal care packaging adresses consumers and communicates health & well-being. Customer loyalty is a strong goal and the packaging support this goal throughout many years.

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Bio-plastic films

Child-resistant packaging

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Easy opening

High barrier protection

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Mono plastic films

Personalised packaging & late stage customisation

Plastic free packaging


Security & anti-counterfeit


Smart and connectivity

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Window packaging


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