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Human health and lives depend on pharmaceutical products. With this great responsibility, the pharmaceutical industry operates in a highly regulated environment designed to ensure safety and quality. At the same time, suppliers healthcare & pharma products find themselves in an intensely competitive environment characterized by cost pressure, expiring patents and increasing global demand. Yet continued investment in research and development is one of the pharmaceutical industry's biggest commitments to continue tackling the world's health issues. 

Trust in compliance and security

Healthcare packaging must contribute to trust and safety of the products. But more than simple appeal, it has to solve functional tasks: enable convenient handling for user of different ages and motoric abilities, support patient compliance with structural add-ons or smart applications and guarantee security through anti counterfeit solutions, such as tamper evidence or serialization. To deliver comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging from a single source we offer customised leaflets to fit the efficient packaging procces.

For the production of the 100 percent safe packaging, our processes and production facilities precisely aligne with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. You can rely on us to meet the highest hygiene and safety standards, while taking pharmaceutical compliance into account. Quality control takes place across all development and production steps.

Agility is crucial to face the current challenges on the pharmaceutical market. Therefore we synchronize our processes with our customers requirements and guarantee just-in-time production while securing end-to-end-traceability. At the same time, we continuously optimize processes so that you can avoid waste and save time and money – with maximum process reliability and quality.

Pharmaceutical packaging features and options include:

We strive to ensure you have access to state-of-the-art technologies at all times, so that your products reach your target groups in perfect and safe condition.

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