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Pouch & sachet materials – high performance films protect your product and makes it attractive to the consumer  

AR Packaging offers a comprehensive range of optimised materials for sachets, pouches and flow wrapping using combinations of plastic films and paper-based materials. These high-performance films provide excellent barrier protection so product quality and shelf life can be optimised for a wide range of food, healthcare as well as home and industrial products. Combined with convenience features and high-quality printing they give your product strong market advantages. 

The films are developed to do their job with minimised use of resources. Tailored barrier properties and mechanical strength reduce the risk for food waste, while smartly designed convenience features and attractive looks help your product stand out on the highly competitive market.  

Our comprehensive range of pouch and sachet materials cover a multitude of applications such as high barrier packaging where excellent moisture protection is essential, paper-based films ideal to support the branding of ecologic products, materials with outstanding visuals to attract consumers and films with exact easy peel-opening for safe use in the healthcare sector. They are ideal for many pack formats such as sachets, pouches and stick-packs produced in HFFS and VFFS machines.  

Some examples of our pouch and sachets material range are:

Foilbond® - superior barrier protection with paper look & feel

A thin inner layer of aluminium foil delivers excellent moisture, light and oxygen protection while the paper outer layer incorporates easy-tear opening and on-the-go consumer convenience features. A range of paper options and sealing layers (PE- and ionomer-based) suit different requirements of visual effects, migration prevention, chemical resistance and high processing efficiencies.

Transobond – advanced multi-layer laminate for demanding pouch applications

A multi-layer laminate suitable for high speed HFFS and VFFS machines with gussets and stabilo-seal. Low to high barrier grades with high performance sealing layer alternatives ensure optimised performance.

Transofoil® - superior barrier protection in tough, lightweight pack

A thin inner layer of aluminium foil ensures excellent moisture, light and oxygen protection while the outer layer of oriented film provides strength and possibilities for stunning visual effects. Superior PE- and ionomer-based sealing, excellent hot tack and stress crack resistance enable use for the most demanding barrier applications and ensure high processing efficiencies.

Available with silver or white outer surface to provide an excellent and efficient background for high quality surface printing.

Transoflow – versatile pouch and flowpack laminate for product differentiation

A range of sealing layers from cost effective thin OPP to high performance PE grades ensure efficient packaging of many different products in high speed machines. Good moisture barrier can be complemented with metallised option for UV-barrier and premium look. Optional laser perforation enables easy-opening or extended shelf-life of respiring products. 

Customised to cover your needs 

All pouch and sachet materials from AR Packaging are of course approved for food contact and can be combined with convenience features and high-quality printing to give your product a visual advantage. We customise flexible packs that are adapted to cover your exact specifications and our skilled technical service team support you throughout the process.

A range of pre-made lidding films enables shortened turnaround times and cover your needs also when production volumes fluctuate. 

Product card Barrier papers


Barrier papers

Renewable materials with attractive look & feel. Paper-based packaging is a versatile and cost-efficient method to protect a wide array of products

Product card Renewable plastic films


Renewable plastic films

Every single step to minimise the environmental impact of packaging is one step towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Product card Mono plastic films


Mono plastic films

Flexible plastic packaging materials are built up by many layers ensuring minimal use of raw material, saving resources and increasing efficiency in packaging lines

Product card Laser perforation


Laser perforation

Creative looks, convenient easy opening and controlled barrier – the possibilities are endless

Product card Flexible materials for packaging


Flexible materials

Flexible packaging solutions made of flexible barrier materials provide resource and cost efficient ways to preserve, protect and distribute sensitive products

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Unilever Colman

Meets consumer preference for natural and healthier foods in paper packaging

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Familjen Dafgård

Knowledge is key for Familjen Dafgård

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Blå Band Expedition meal

Convenient pack in the toughest of situations