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Printed windows  – enriching functionality with branding

Window boxes generally spark attention giving consumers a first actual look at the product. While folding cartons are often highly finished or come in fancy shapes, windows are reduced to their sole peeking function. But why?

Windows are an incredible good design element upgrading boxes. They allow to take a look inside the packaging revealing the product. This support consumers in their decision making process and adds a feeling of reality. The actual product, or at least parts of it can be seen – not a photo or drawing. Apart from that, the most important question usually is where to place it.
With digital printing though, the window becomes even more significant as brand or product messages can be displayed. If richly finished packaging is not the right fit for the branding, a printed window might add just enough extravagancy for the pack to excel on the shelves. Several widths of the printable window film enable a wide use for many box designs. This provides amazing packaging solutions for beauty & cosmetics, confectionery and non-food consumer goods.
Product card Window boxes


Window boxes

Invitations to take a peek

Product card Sloggi weekend: printed window


Sloggi weekend

Packaging upgrade through printed windows

Product card Digital print


Digital print

Individual, unique, traceable and sometimes simply astonishing